The Need-to-Know Info

Devon Altman

Alright seniors — After four years of
cramming for all those tests and stressing
about all that homework, we are
finally graduating. We will all miss the
Friday night lights of football games,
the sarcasm of our favorite teacher,
and the classmates and traditions we
have become accustomed to. We have
earned the privilege to walk across the
stage and receive our diploma.
Things to keep in mind: The graduation
ceremony will be conducted at the
VCU Siegel Center on Saturday, June
14. The ceremony will begin at 3:30
p.m. and all students must report to the
Auxiliary Gym inside the Siegel Center
at 2:15 p.m. to prepare for the event
ahead. Once in the Auxiliary Gym, students
must take place in their assigned
seats and wait for further instructions.
Seniors, remind your parents to get
to the Siegel Center early to secure
their parking spaces and seats before
the graduation ceremony commences.
With city traffic and masses of proud
family members congesting the streets,
it is going to be very crowded, so do not
forget to plan accordingly.
Caps and gowns are required for all
students participating in the ceremony.
Messages or pictures of any kind can
not be displayed on your cap or gown.
Appropriate graduation attire for males
include slacks, white shirts, ties, dark
shoes and socks. Jeans, tennis shoes,
flip flops, and sandals are not permitted.
For female students, white or pastel
dresses, or slacks, are to be worn with
the addition of white or pastel shoes.
Flip flops are not allowed to be worn by
the ladies as well. Students not adhering
to the dress code will not be permitted
to participate in the ceremony, so
think twice before you head on over to
the Siegel Center.
When it comes to the graduation
ceremony, don’t be nervous. The
graduation practice taking place on
Friday, May 30, will tell you all you
need to know about the ceremony
in terms of seating arrangements and
where to walk in order to cross the
stage and graduate. So, stand tall and
smile because your family is cheering
you on and capturing every moment
on camera. In case you forget what you
learned during the graduation practice,
there will be Junior Marshals present to
usher you in the right direction.
Demonstrating inappropriate behavior
during the graduation ceremony
will get you a ticket to meet with an
administrator before receiving your
diploma. In other words, if you want
to officially graduate from high school,
don’t goof off and you will be fine.
After the graduation ceremony, students
will pick up their diplomas in the
staging area. Once the graduates have
gathered their belongings, including
their diplomas, they can head outside
to visit with friends and family.
Graduates are free to leave after,
and from there they can embark on
their next adventure.


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