Seven Days Reserved for the Sand and Sun

Danny Polk

Shortly after walking across the
stage, many seniors will take to the
beach to celebrate their high school
Beach week, also tagged as senior
week, is a primarily East Coast
tradition that Hanover High School
students as well as many other high
schoolers in the metro-Richmond
area will partake in.
A majority of Hanover’s beach
week celebrations, which are not
sponsored in any form by the school,
will take place in Myrtle Beach,
South Carolina and the Outer Banks
of North Carolina, anywhere a beach
can be found that will rent to 18 year
“I’m looking forward to hanging
out with all of our friends from
school,” senior Brittany Johnson,
who is part of a group heading to
Myrtle Beach, said.
Although negative distractions
tend to overshadow the tradition of
beach week, the seven days away are
viewed as a celebration of a successful
high school career.
“It’s the one last big gathering of
everyone before everyone goes off
to college and we’re going our separate
ways,” senior Leah Kemler, who
is traveling with Johnson to Myrtle
Beach, said.
Other schools from the area have
groups that will be on the same street
or just blocks down from the Hanover
groups, something that beachweek
attendees are looking forward
“It will be really fun to be able to
meet the kids that we’ve known of
but maybe haven’t had the chance to
become friends with before,” Kemler
Although beach week, for many,
will be the last large gathering of
high school friends, attendees
look forward to enjoying
the festivities
and remembering
their time together.
“I don’t think
it’s a sad thing,”
Kemler said, “It’s
a celebration.”
“It’s a last
memory with everyone
before we leave,”
Johnson said.


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