Music to End the Year

Kelly Guthrie

The year is coming to a close at Hanover
High School. The last notes
are sung, the last bows have hit the
strings, the last chords have been
placed together and the finishing
touches are painted. For some this
is their swan song, for others this is
just the ending of a year.
The month of May encompasses
many of the
final performances for
the arts groups. At the
beginning of the month
the Jazz Band and Jazz
Ensemble presented
their performance
of the
“ B l u e s
B r o t h –
ers Jazz Dinner,”
held on
May 1st. They
kicked open
the door with a
night of cake
walk, celebration
and barbeque.
“It’s surreal. It
is weird to think
after this concert for
both the bands I’m
in, I have only one
year left. Don’t get
me wrong, I’m excited to start a new
chapter, but I’m not sure I’m ready
to leave just yet. I’m going to make it
count,” junior Kensey Plotz said.
At the beginning of the month the
Hanover Theatre Company presented
their performance of “Oklahoma.”
They brought life on the prairie to
Hanover High School and it was a
major hit around the community
“It’s a very emotional time. Saying
goodbye is never easy, but I
leave with the knowledge that I got
to meet two wonderful casts for the
plays ‘As you Like It’ and ‘Oklahoma.’
As each senior says goodbye the
underclassmen will have to rise to
the challenges we leave them and I
wish them all the best,” senior Abby
Kindle said.
The ball kept rolling when the Tri-
M Music Honor Society performed
their collective concert on May 8th
with high-performing choir, strings
and band students coming together.
With performances such as saxophone
quartette of Frozen’s “Let it
Go,” percussion bucket drumming
and a strings piece of “Popular” from
the Broadway production, Wicked.
“It was a pretty good showcase of
all of the talent that we have here at
Hanover” senior Chris
P e n n i n g t o n said.
The final three performances
encompass each of the three major
groups: choir, band and strings.
Each section performed both middle
school and high school and were the
final performances of the year.
“For many seniors it’s not the literal
end. Sure, it’s the end of high school,
but for me it’s a transition into the
ODU band program and I can’t wait
to see what’s in store,” senior Tyler
Sigmon said.
The choir first showcased show
choir and stand still choir of all levels.
This concert was held on Tuesday
May, 20th. The choir has had a very
fulfilling year at Hanover competing
at state festival and in show choir
competitions all around the state.
“I definitely miss the show we’ve
been playing for so long, especially
since this was my first year in show
choir, but it’s pretty exciting because
I did my best because it was my last
showcase,” junior Natalie Kerby said.
The band took the stage on the
28th of this month and showcased
their performance in a fun and
unique way. The high school band
played complex and equally exciting
music including the “Highlights
from Frozen.” Playing a combined
middle school and high school performance
of over 150 members and
performed the fun energetic song
“High Five.”
“Musically it’s to
give everything you
have to make your
last performance
the best of the year.
All your focus and
energy. For me I
can say I put everything
could into
this and I
am proud,”
J o n a t h a n
G i l c h r e s t
The last of
the concert season
was the strings concert,
which was
p e r –
formed on
May 29th. They
played musical selections
from the popular musical
and movie ‘Les Miserable’ and other
popular selections including Pixar
inspired songs to help bring in the
“It feels good to finish another year
and still love it since the day I started
and although the new year is coming
I’m sad to see the seniors leave,”
sophomore Maxwell Cloe said.
At the end of the year each fine arts
student reflects upon his or her work
and realizes what impact it has had
on his or her life and what the future
holds for many.
“I’ll miss these friends I have made
and where there to give me advice
and they also came to me for advice.
I’ll miss this cast more than words
can say and I’m so glad to watch
them grow in the future and watch
them take the seniors’ place as the
leads on the stage,” Kindle said.


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