Low-Down on the Lockdowns

Garrett Gauntt

On April 28th and 29th two Shelter
in Place Drills(S.I.P) at HHS left
some students confused. Some people
found suspicion in the fact that the
two were so close in date.
Most know that police dogs were
sent in on the 29th. As rumors spread
through the school, social media
played a huge part in both misleading
and educating people on why the
drills were put in to effect. Some still
wonder if they know the real reason
for the drill.
On the 28th a call came into the
school that there had been a crime
in close proximity and that the perpetrators
were still not found. The
incident happened on Whippoorwill
Road, which is very close to Hanover
and Oak Knoll. Hanover was not the
only school on lockdown; Oak Knoll
Middle School and Georgetown were
as well.
“I ordered a shelter in place so
we could get people out of the hall
to watch over the area of the school
without confusion. The point of a
Shelter in Place is to be still learning
but to limit the traffic in the hallway
and especially through the doors,”
Principal Dana Gresham said.
The principal and administrative
staffs have the right to place a S.I.P
drill if they felt the school was in danger
and if an incident has happened
in the area. Parents were notified
through an E-connect message that
students were in a S.I.P situation.
Teachers and administrators are
not informed on current police investigations
and have been told not
to comment or tell parents about the
investigation, which is why the students
were not informed of thecause
of the incident.
The next day, in first block, there
was another drill. Most people considered
the fact that the two drills
were so close as being more than a
mere coincidence. Dr. Gresham said
that the two drills had no connection.
“It was just really weird timing.
We don’t know when the dogs are
coming. They don’t even tell the
teachers when dogs are coming,” she
added “We get a call five minutes before
the dogs come in and that is our
only warning.”
Though this decision may have
been unpopular for some Gresham
stated “I would rather have someone
mad at me because I had a shelter in
place drill then have someone mad at
for having a student harmed in this
risky situation.” she added “I can’t begin
to tell you how great everybody
did, even without having all the information
some may have wanted,
everyone made decisions with common
sense and overall everyone
stayed safe.”


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