IB Art Students Conclude Final Exam Projects

Daniel Oster

While other students are worried
about answering their multiple
choice tests and short response exams,
IB art students are preoccupied
with an exam with which they’ll
take a more creative approach.
IB art students have some freedom
with their end-of-year project. They
are mainly graded on creativity,
composition, and time management
of the artist. Junior Natalie Kerby
says the projects are not entirely different
from others given throughout
the year.
“We were given one topic and left
to do what we wanted with it,” Kerby
Hanna Davis described the final
projects as usually the most technically
accurate works produced by
the students.
“They have to be realistic,” Davis
said. “We spend a lot of time working
on proportions, especially of the
human body.”
The final assessment is a mixed
media clay project, the only specific
requirement being that it must be a
figure, focusing on realism and surrealism.
The deadline is flexible, allowing
for more student freedom.
“It’s not too strict but generally the
projects are supposed to be kind of
big and figured like a human body,”
junior Alexis Anderson said.
Students in IB art classes are focused
on investigating art from all
periods of time. Goals of the classes
include building confidence in responding
to visual experiences and
developing an understanding of visual
arts from local, national and international
Higher level IB art students in particular
are given more opportunities
to develop ideas, skills, and works
with greater depth.
For the final IB art project, students
are encouraged to present an external
assessment, in which a selection
of the student’s work is prepared in
the form of an exhibition.
The external portion is assessed by
an examiner following a recorded
interview with the student about
the work. Forty percent of the final
grade is determined by the internal
assessment portion, in which artists
present pages from their course
“The art will probably graded by
the progress we make,” Anderson
said. “It’s hard to grade art. There’s
not really a right or a wrong way to
do it, so what matters most is good
work ethic and technique.”
The IB art class examined the artwork
of famous artists to find inspiration,
using the social network Pinterest
to visually share and discover
new artwork. Students found their
inspiration differently- online, in
the classroom, and on the internet.
Davis was inspired by a visit to an
antique shop.
“I’m making a person who is sitting
and holding their head, which is
a camera,” Davis said. “I was inspired
by a camera in an antique shop
that looked like it had a face, and I
thought that would be an interesting
idea to explore for my project.”
Kerby was inspired by her fascination
with female beauty.
“I’m making a nude female figure
with loose translucent fabric for
clothes, standing on a clay circle
with symbols representing kinds of
emotion felt toward a female’s body,
from beauty to lust to anger to jealousy,”
Kerby explained. “Most of my
art actually consists of female figure
and faces.”


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