Final Words: The Last and Final Letters from the Editors

Katrina Gauntt

I regret to inform you that despite the fact that Annie and I have constantly
beat deadlines into the minds
of our staff members, we both turned
in this story way past deadlines. Not
because we’re busy or didn’t know the
deadline (obviously we did because we
set them), simply because this letter
is our goodbye to the paper we’ve put
our blood, sweat (lots of that) and tears
(we’re now finding as we come to the
end of our ‘reign’ as Editors-in-chief)
into. But I know I’ve left it well off in
the loving hands of Caroline Provost
and Hayley Plotz.
This paper has meant the world to
me these past three years on its staff. It
has taught me so much about life, about
work, about stress (and restraint in concerns
to almost throwing things at certain
people), about hard work and dedication.
This paper has been the most
enriching experience of my high school
career and I thank you all for that, for
being patient readers, and dealing with
the bloopers that slip through.
I have to personally thank the managing
staff. Cassie Turner, without your
guidance there’s not a single paper that
would have gotten done on time. You
will never know how thankful I am.
Chace Blackburn, you have constantly
contributed to every aspect of the paper
with your unique and bright personality,
you are truly a face I will miss
seeing next year. Nick Glass, you were
the support beam of this paper. Whenever
things seem to be going downhill
you were there to remedy the problem.
Thank you. Thank you all; you have
been the best managing staff we could
have ever asked for. I’m so blessed that
I got to work with all of you.
Lastly, Annie Sadler, I honestly
don’t know if I would have survived
these past years on the paper without
you. You have been by my side for every
bump in the road, despite all the
times we’ve attempted to ‘fire’ each
other. You have been my partner in
crime. Whether it was stressing out because
Danny’s page still wasn’t done or
simply not wanting to do an interview
by myself, I could always count on you.
You are the best coeditor I could have
asked for and I can’t imagine saying
goodbye to you.
Sadly the time is coming. So thank
you again readers for all you have done
to support The Hawk Eye. I hope you
have laughed with us and cried with us
and that we’ve brought you the news
you needed in these insane four years
we call high school.

Annie Sadler

This year was so much more than
what I was expecting. I knew it would
be a lot of work to get the paper ready
each month, but I never realized just
how many extra hours it would require-
it’s countless hours. I knew it
would be fun, but I had so much more
fun than I was anticipating. Those long
afternoons spent after school scrutinizing
everything, and I mean everything,
trying to get the ‘perfect’ paper are some
of my best memories of newspaper.
Katrina, you were the best partner
this year. I knew from last year that
we would be able to do many fantastic
things with the paper together and we
got many of the things we wanted to do
accomplished, so cheers to us! But really,
I would not have wanted to work
with anyone else this year. You made
it a truly spectacular senior year on the
paper. From our numerous closet talks
to the time we spent finalizing the paper,
it was great. I know you will go on
to do many amazing things at George
Mason next year and leave just as big an
impact there as you have here.
Nick, you were the saving grace
this year. When Katrina and I needed
something done or had an issue, you
were the first name we called out to
help. So, a big thank you for putting up
with all the chaos we threw at you. Being
our right hand guy, you did a lot
this year and you did everything amazingly.
Best of luck to you in the years
to come, I have no doubt that you will
be able to handle anything that comes
your way.
Cassie and Chace, you two wonderful
ladies are quite the dynamic
duo. There was not a single worry in
my mind this year about the spread
because you two were in control of it.
Whatever expectations I had for the
center spread, you by far exceeded
them. The spreads this year were absolutely
spectacular and that is all thanks
to the great work you two have done.
The both of you are so kind and sweet
and so helpful; you eliminated a lot of
stress this year and made it much easier
on Katrina and me. I cannot wait
to hear about the amazing things I am
sure the two of you will be doing in the
We have had our lovely little newspaper
family and together we created
an awesome paper this year. From the
beginning you all were producing high
quality papers and it only got better
from there. You all did great work this
year and I thank you tremendously for


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