Buckle Up, Hanover

Laurel Kalinowski

Surprisingly 46% of teenagers
do not wear their seatbelts in the
car, a number that needs to be
lowered. And that is just the goal
of Buckle Up, Hanover!, an organization
run by Hanover students
outside of school to ensure
that people are aware of the risks
of driving without a seatbelt.
Seatbelts can help to reduce
the risk of receiving an injury
from a car accident by 50%.
Wouldn’t you rather deal with
the discomfort than run the
chance of losing your life?
One of the best ways to get information
around is by word of
mouth, so tell friends and family
and spread the word about Buckle
Up, Hanover! There are multiple
ways to get involved. The
following link, https://www.surveymonkey.
contains an online survey and
from there a seatbelt safety video
and an opportunity to enter a
surprise gift raffle just by pledging
to wear a seatbelt
Take a few minutes to visit
the link and start spreading the
word. Who knows the effect you
could have just by doing such a
simple things?


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