Breaking into the Intern Business

Emily Dickerson

For most students, summer is a
time for vacationing, going out, and
having fun, until boredom sets in.
Some popular options to avoid sitting
around days on end are summer
programs and/or internships. From
voluntary positions to even a paid position,
gaining experience for a future
career is a great way to spend part of
your summer.
This summer, junior Emily Setelin
is participating in an internship for a
photography business.
“Not only will it help me gain experience
in working in a professional
environment, but it will also help me
spend time on working with my passion.”
Setelin said.
Much like Setelin, junior Erin
Thorn is also interning with a specific
career path in mind.
“I’m interning for Rocket Pop Media,
which is a graphic arts company,
for two weeks. I’m really excited about
this opportunity because it will look
good on my future resumes and give
me even more experience on working
with graphic arts,” Thorn said.
Although students who take part
in summer internships do so with a
particular career path in mind, photography
and graphic arts certainly
aren’t the only internships available.
However, even if one isn’t planning
to follow a career path pertaining to
the internship, taking part in such a
position is an excellent way to have
references and prior experience on a
resume for a future job.
For example, a child that is eligible
to lend a hand at a local animal hospital
can benefit from extra experience
useful for a career as a veterinarian.
Aside from professional internships,
summer programs are a great
way to volunteer or take part in a
particular interest. No matter your
age, there are always positions open.
Besides, most places love to have extra
In case photography may not be
your cup of tea, there are programs
for those who enjoy art, film, dancing,
animals, and many other interests
and hobbies.
In order to find the perfect internship,
those of whom desire one can
talk to parents, guidance counselors,
and close friends to find a specific
niche that is the best fit.
As the summer approaches many
students are looking to family friends
and colleagues of parents to gain the
extra step that may set the amateur
apart from the business protégé.
So if you find yourself without
any plans this summer, want experience,
or just want to be involved with
a program for fun, taking part in an
internship can be beneficial for future
success in the adult career world.


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