Artist of the Month

Georgia Geen


Missy Powel

Q: Who has inspired you the most
in your time in chorus?
A: Definitely Mr. Barrack. He was
the one who really made me realize
that music was more than singing
along to a song on the radio.
And I have him to thank for helping
me realize that music is what I
want to do for the rest of my life.
Q: You recently participated in All
State Chorus. What was the experience
like for you?
A: It was an incredible experience.
I definitely would love to be able
to experience it again. Being with
so many other people that are on
the same level as I am was a great
experience. And our director,
Elena Sharkova, was absolutely inspiring.
She made us realize that
music is so much more than notes
on a piece of paper. She just made
us feel and experience those songs
in a way I haven’t anywhere else.
It definitely gave me a whole new
appreciation for what it is I do on
a day to day basis. It was just life
Q: Are you planning to continue
singing after high school?
A: I will be attending VCU and
majoring in music education! Mr.
Barrack went there, so I can definitely
follow in his footsteps. I
want to teach high school chorus
and change young people’s lives
just as he has changed mine. And
after that, I’d like to go back and
pursue a Doctorate and be a professor
in college.



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