What to Do After She Says Yes: A Step-By-Step Guide

Ryan Kellner

Step One:
Freak out
They all doubted you, but you did
it. You convinced your (presumably)
significant other to accompany
you to the biggest event of your high
school year. You deserve a cheer, so
feel free to let one fly. After allowing
for the excitement to subside,
make sure you tell
everyone about
your successes,
as the boy or girl
in question is
sure to make
everyone else
Step Two:
Prepare your wallet
While prom stands as the pinnacle
of romance and intimacy between
two students, there is a heavy price
to pay. Whether it’s a tuxedo, dress,
a dinner plan, or post-prom revelry,
your funds are sure to take a heavy
beating. Make sure your accounts
are settling, and long-standing debts
are paid; your should be
prepared to spend most,
if not all,
of your
on prom
Step Three:
Assess the nature of the prom relationship
For those encountering trouble
with step three, as drama may be a
difficult prospect, step four may be
of assistance. Make sure you know
where your date stands in terms of
the level of affection he or she holds
for you; be sure to tell your date you
only want to be friends if you need to
instigate the aforementioned drama,
as this statement is a time-tested
method for yielding
dramatic results.
Step Four:
Set up you dinner/photo/after party plans
Restaurants and photo opportunities
do not wait for you. You need
to make sure you have a cohesive
plan of action for the big day, as a
lack of preparation will result in a
mad dash to find a restaurant other
than Chipotle that might accommodate
your group. Moreover, if you
plan on taking photos with such a
group, find the right
person to host
the photo-op.
These plans
should be made
months ahead
of time.


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