Students Travel to Hampton

Nikki Petzer

gain real world experience and to
learn more about different aspects of
life. One of the many field trips that
happen throughout the school year
is one taken by the W.E.B. Dubois
Honor Society.
Annually, the honor society has
the opportunity to travel to an invitational
conference at Hampton University.
This conference lasts for a
whole day, allowing members to miss
a full day of school.
“We have to be on the bus at six
in the morning, and we come back
at around five or six o’clock,” senior
Michelle Mondrey, a member of the
club, said.
W.E.B. Dubois Honor Societies
from schools in both Virginia and
Maryland attended.
They begin the day by splitting
up into groups to meet new people
and then take a tour of the campus.
Throughout the tour, groups make
detour stops. These stops acted as activities
that further emphasized the
theme of the conference. Every year,
the theme of the conference changes,
but this year the theme was the Duality
of a Scholar.
“The duality of a scholar is how
scholars represent themselves and
the complexity of being a scholar,”
senior Kristen Bruce, the leader of
the club, said.
Bruce recounted a description
given in an orat
o r i c a l
i t i o n ,
w h i c h
being a
scholar as
being more
than just
r e c e i v –
ing good
grades, but
also excelling
in different aspects of life.
“It’s all the aspects of life that contribute
to being a scholar, it’s not just
one cookie cutter thing. Anybody
who puts their mind to it and really
tries to do their best is a scholar,”
Bruce said.
College students mostly led the
conference and also aided as mentors
for students, answering any questions
that they may have had. The conference
largely focused on preparing
students for their futures by encouraging
them to plan ahead.
“It taught us
to think about
what we are going to do
in the world to make it a better place
and what our impact will be,” Bruce
This trip to Hampton University
is only a small portion of what the
club does throughout the year. The
W.E.B. Dubois Society Honor Society
focuses on promoting diversity
and encouraging student excellence.
Unlike other Hanover clubs, the
W.E.B. Dubois Honor Society does
not require a set amount of volunteer
hours for each member to have.
The goals of the society, according
are for members to refine character,
promote leadership
and service, and maintain
high principles
and values
and increase
This club
is responsible
for annual Black History
Month assembly that
takes place every February.
Members help organize
and promote the
In addition to this, the club has adopted
a road near the high school that
they clean up several times each year.
“We do things to better ourselves
and to better the community,” Bruce

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