Single and Ready to Mingle: Friends at Prom

Giles VanHuss As prom approaches students are scrambling to find a date, but who to go with? Many students have taken this chance to invite a friend to the big night of fun. Now some may think that prom has to be a big ordeal where you have to impress a person with fancy clothes and a nice dinner, but that is not the only road. “It’s a laid back thing.” said senior James Dennehey, “We’re like buddies, it’s not like I’m trying to impress someone.” Though there may be some skepticism to this, it is assured to be a great night among dear friends and (probably) a bit less costly because of the more laid back nature of things. Another advantage to having a friend as a prom date is that there is a considerable decline in the amount of nerves in asking because it usually is a mutual agreement. Why would you have jitters from inviting a friend to a social event? The friend or friend prom date combination also has a few other advantages to add to the long list. The party is less awkward when standing with friends and not dancing solo in the middle of a empty patch of dancefloor. A group provides easy access to social interaction that can probably not be accomplished by standing alone. It also could help students who are uncomfortable with large public events enjoy themselves in the company of friends.


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