Senior Places at Forensics Competition

Chandler Foster

Senior Ryan Kellner came in second
place at the Virginia State High
School Forensic Competition. He
competed in impromptu speaking,
meaning he had a mere seven minutes
to prepare a speech related to
one of the three chosen topics.
“I never really thought that I had
an inherent talent in something like
that,” Kellner said.
After performing as one of the
top three contenders during the preliminary
rounds, he moved to the
finals. Kellner took a creative approach
to his speech, tying his aesthetic
appearance into the NCAA
March Madness. “I like to talk about
something unrelated, but relate it to
the subject,” Kellner said.
It’s important for impromptu
speakers to be well versed in many
topics, as competitors can not use
anything to research the topic. This
is a reasons why skilled speakers are
able to tie any topic into something
they understand better.
“If I can give a funny speech,
while making a reference to it,
they’ll enjoy it,” Kellner said.
This is Kellner’s last year at
HHS, and he plans to be involved in
public speaking at college.


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