¿Que Pasa Hanover?

Kristen Oaks

¡Hola! Bonjour! Salve! Hallo!
As many Hanoverians know, the
annual foreign language week commenced
this month. It is perhaps the
most anticipated week in any language
class, as language students can look
forward to relaxed studies and a host of
games, food, and fun – while getting a
little taste of culture and friendly competition.
The teams this year were compiled
of classes from Hanover’s four foreign
languages: French, Spanish, German,
and Latin. Each class bore its own flag
and colors, and was prompted to represent
their country with a spirited shirt
design. Some classes even created their
own chant, like Colombia’s “se vive, se
siente, Colombia es presente!”
First up was Battle of the Brains. The
most intellectually outgoing students of
each class were selected to compete
against other teams in a series of questions
– some, so easy the audience had
to bite their tongues from shouting the
answer, and yet others so difficult the
whole auditorium sat in bewildered silence
until the answer was given. Ultimately,
general knowledge was the
winning factor in the games – not one’s
dedication to learning their language.
“The Battle of the Brains was my
favorite part because my team won all
of the matches. It was the first class
I’ve been in that won the competition,”
said senior Jake Littlepage, whose team
won glory for the Spanish classes.
Next up were the sports competitions,
which were even less reliant
on foreign language expertise, but
even more fun. Whether you’ve got a
knack for field action or you’d rather
cheer from the bleachers, there was a
place for everyone – from the nimblefingered
jellybean competition, to tugo-
war’s sheer-strength battle, each student
was accounted for. If anything, it
was amusing to see one’s peers hobble
around in the three-legged race.
Despite scarred knees and red hands,
many students agreed that it was a great
way to pass the time at school.
“The sports competitions were my
favorite. I liked crab soccer the most,
because we had to work together
against the opposing
teams,” said
junior Adam Tiller.
“It was a good
teambuilding experience.”
Perhaps the most anticipated event,
however, was the banquet – who doesn’t
like free food? This year, each class was
prompted to prepare and present a cultural
dish for a foreign-fusion party at
the end of the week, in which hordes of
hungry highschoolers pushed each other
over in a mad dash for flan and paella. If
there ever was any righteous incentive to
join a foreign language class, this was it.
Sophomore, Morgan Cole says that
his favorite day was “Probably the last
day, when we all just sat down
and ate food because we didn’t
have to do anything. It was Fun.”
Many students shared Morgan’s
sentiment. The banquet gave
students from all the language
classes an oppurtunity to show
off their cooking skills and enjoy
delicious food together.
Foreign Language week gave
everybody a very relaxed feel]
ing, and a nice break from the
grind that foreign languages are
so notorius for.


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