Little Feet: A Big Feat

Rebekah Seay

There are so many opportunities
throughout school in which students
are able to help those who are
disabled. However, not very often
do those who are disabled have the
chance to help others.
Special education teacher Lynn
Corsentino was very active in the
preparation for the Little Feet Meet
and the involvement of her students.
“As a person with a disability people
always want to help you, but they
don’t always get to give to others. I
think it helps them by helping somebody
else,” Corsentino said.
The Little Feet Meet, offered by
the Special Olympics of Virginia, provides
year-round training and competitions
in a variety of sports for special
education students. By participating,
they develop physical fitness, courage,
and get to have fun while playing
with their friends and families. The
Special Olympics’ mission is to create
a world that is humane and friendly
in a place that accepts and celebrates
the differences amongst people.
Hanover’s Teacher Cadet, Fire Science,
and Hawks Connection programs
all participating to help with
this event.
Senior Teacher Bettiann Aylor has
asked her teacher cadets to volunteer
at the event.
“I think it’s great because they
have an opportunity to work with
special needs children and see what it
might be like for what they choose to
go into career wise,” Aylor said.
Also volunteering is senior Caroline
Crowder who found out about
the event through the school’s Fire
Science program.
“I think it’s a lifelong memory that
we will create. We will be able to look
back and see the lives we’ve changed,”
Crowder said.
Some of the activities include
track events for those running and
in wheelchairs, a standing long jump
and a softball throw. While all these
events will definitely be enjoyed, the
most important part of any Olympics
is the torch ceremony. This year, Michael
Yacovone has the privilege of
carrying the torch.
“I get to take the torch out and
show everybody in the stands. It’s
what gets the game started,” Yacovone
Overall, Hanover exemplifies everything
the Special Olympics stands
for by creating a friendly environment
in which everyone is equal.
“I like helping. It’s not every day
you get to see other schools and it’s
fun to meet new people,” Yacovone
Hanover welcomes those with special
needs and extends open arms effortlessly,
as it is the school’s goal to
ensure unity within our community.
“It brings in the momentum. It
brings in the curiosity. This event
brings exposure and shows how great
these schools are. Bringing everyone
together really shows what the Hanover
school system stands for,” Yacovone


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