Jeff Katz Visits Mass Communications

Amber Alexander

Jeff Katz, broadcaster for radio station
WRVA 1140, visited the B1 Mass
Communications class on Friday,
March 14th, to talk to the students
about broadcasting. Katz grew up in
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he
was practically forced into becoming
a police officer to follow in the footsteps
of his dad.
Eventually he began making small
appearances in the media, sharing his
point of view of being in the police
force. Through these appearances,
he found an interest in writing and
His first job in his broadcasting career
was at a small radio station in
New Jersey, and then he started to
“At one point, I got a job offer
in Ohio and packed up to move there
but by the time I got there the radio
station had been torn down and everyone
was fired!” Katz said.
Katz acknowledged that in the radio
industry, moving on is a big deal.
“There will always be different markets
to go to and things that push you
there, such as more money, better
company and bigger stations.”
Just recently, Katz and his wife decided
to move to Richmond because
of their three children, “I want them
to be able to say that they are from
somewhere and can say ‘This is my
home’,” Katz said.
Throughout the years, Katz has
been very involved in his community
whether it be the scouts, councils,
boards or commissions, he always
tried to be a part of them.
On his radio show, Katz expresses
many opinions. He says that there
will absolutely always be people who
disagree with your opinion but he
uses those times as teaching moments
because he can share his thoughts on
the subject and maybe enlighten another
human being, too.
“I used to think that the best thing
about broadcasting was that it could
make you famous, but now it gives me
the opportunity to do good things for
good people,” Katz said.


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