It’s “Recess” Time

Eric Tomillon

With the recent explosion of
popularity throughout the electronic
dance music scene, it is no surprise
that dance albums are coming out at
full force.
“Recess” by Skrillex is the latest in
popular dance music, making it the
first full-length release by the artist.
In the past, Skrillex has released
multiple extended plays, such as “My
Name Is Skrillex” and “Bangarang.”
Throughout these releases, the
popularity of Skrillex has skyrocketed,
making him one of the most
well known artists in the dance music
scene. While many fans were excited,
considering this is his first full-length
album, the album unfortunately falls
slightly short, failing to push the
boundaries of dance music like his
past releases did.
In June 2010, Skrillex released the
EP “My Name Is Skrillex” and four
months later in October, released
the EP “Scary Monsters And Nice
Sprites.” The latter of these unquestionably
caused his mainstream success.
Tracks like “Rock ‘n’ Roll,” “Kill
Everybody” and the title track “Scary
Monsters and Nice Sprites” all pushed
the boundaries of dance music, containing
influences from house music
and break beat but with a much
heavier and more aggressive attitude,
all while keeping memorable beats
and melodies.
It won two Grammys at the 54th
Annual Grammy Awards. One for
Best Dance Recording, and the other
for Best Dance/Electronica Album.
The following year, Skrillex released
“More Monsters and Sprites,” and
“Bangarang.” Both of these releases
were hugely successful, increasing his
popularity to an even higher level.
In January 2013, Skrillex confirmed
at a show that a new full-length album
would be released that summer.
Over a full year later, he began hinting
at the possibility of a new album
yet again, and officially released the
album “Recess” on March 14, 2014.
This new album not only contains
the typical aggressive and loud basslines
that Skrillex is known for, but
also contains influences from styles
such as big room house, trap and drum
and bass. It is no surprise that Skrillex
chose to experiment with these styles,
especially trap, which has seen an incredible
rise in popularity over the
past two years.
Tracks such as “All Is Fair In Love
And Brostep” and “Try It Out” sound
as if they are extra tracks left over
from his past releases, progressing his
sound and the overall EDM sound
very little. Later tracks in the album
such as “Dirty Vibe” and “Doompy
Poomp” do bring a sound that has
never been heard from Skrillex, but
they still come out as bland and mediocre
in the overall light of EDM.
Students who have heard the album
tend to agree that it is somewhat
“While the album is filled with
plenty of hard-hitting dance tracks,
there is nothing new here that we
haven’t heard before,” senior Kyle
Brinn said. “That being said, the album
will satisfy those who aren’t
looking for anything too new.”
Various students agree with Brinn
that the album is nothing special.
“‘Recess’ certainly isn’t the most
progressive album ever, but it will
definitely satisfy fans of Skrillex,” junior
Natalie Kerby said.
Since late 2012, Skrillex has been
topping charts worldwide. He has won
multiple Grammy awards, MTV Video
Music awards and Annie awards. After
the release of “Scary Monsters and
Nice Sprites,” his popularity rose tremendously,
making him one of the
most successful pop artists alive.
While “Recess” doesn’t bring anything
new to the table, it is definitely
a worthwhile addition to the discography
of Skrillex.


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