Improvements to Prom

Kristen Oaks

Any senior can tell you
that prom is a dull affair
– as compared to the Hollywood
buildup, it’s quite
the letdown. The punch
is tasteless and your dancing
possesses the grace of
a two-year-old’s saunter,
despite those countless
tango sessions with your
pillow. Those shoes your
mother paid half her rent
on? You’ve ditched them
within the hour.
But though we may
never be as elegant as
little bits of wrapping
paper blowing in the
wind, there surely must
be a way to improve
prom. It’s not too late to
save our childhood dream.
“Candyland? I’m just
going to show up in a tutu
and pigtails,” junior Rachel
Kelleher said. “We should
do a medieval castle
theme next year. The entrance
can be a dragon’s
face, and you have to
walk through its jaws.”
The theme is fine and
dandy, but the location
is causing a bit of a stir.
“We’ve always done it outside
the school,” junior Danny
Anderson said. “That was
one of the biggest things
about prom.”
But despit students’
reservations, prom is, in
the end, what you make
of it. Truly, the best way
to improve prom is to improve
your attitude about
the matter.
It’s inevitable that “The
Only Exception” by Paramore
is going to play this
year, and that year, and
next one after that, so just
put your arms around
your date or your friend
or that stranger in the
corner and dance to the
It’s time to don your
rose colored glasses and
forget that those decorations
are probably crayoncolored
cardboard for just
one evening.


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