How to Get Ready for Prom

Bailey Rummel

It takes months for a girl to prepare
for prom. Most senior girls have
been through the stress and craziness
before, but for the girls who are
going for the first time and for the
gentlemen who underestimate how
much effort is required, this is your
prom-night checklist.
1. Dress and alterations- It may
take months to find the perfect dress.
Make sure you leave yourself plenty
of time before the big night to find
the dress and have it altered if necessary.
2. Shoes and jewelry- Once you
get your dress, you must find shoes
and jewelry to match. Don’t get heels
that are too tall. Remember, you’re
going to be walking and dancing
in them all night and your jewelry
should compliment you, not take attention
away from you.
3. Date, prom group and tickets-
Make arrangements with your date
and prom group early on, it will determine
where you can and can’t go
for dinner or the after party. If you
don’t have a date, be sure to make arrangements
with other single friends
or you will most likely feel bored and
awkward. Don’t forget your tickets!
4. Dinner/limo reservations-
Once you know how many people
are going, make reservations early
or there might not be room for you.
Also, make sure to collect everyone’s
money, you don’t want to be the
only one footing the bill.
5. Coordinating outfits- Give your
date a swatch of your dress if you got
it altered, or even bring it with you
when you two go to pick out his vest.
Don’t forget to coordinate boutonniere/
corsage colors as well.
Ladies, you
have a lot to do.
And gentlemen,
now you
know most
of what is
involved in
prom preparations,
make sure to
give your girl
a very special
night. After
everything she
went through,
she deserves

Garrett Gauntt

Some students believe that males
have the hardest job for prom but, as
others have come to realize, the male
student’s role may not be as hard as
one may think. The male population
may not be as burdened by prom as
many believe.
1. The first task is for a male to ask
a girl. If she says yes, preparations
2.The male must prepare
to have the willingness
to be able to
spend as much money
as his date needs for
this special night. The
whole goal of prom
for the male population
is to make his
date happy. Whether
it takes money, a
limo, or a nice bistro
dinner, most males
are willing take on
these costly tasks so
their dates will be
pleased for the rest
of the night. Most
guys do have a prepared
budget set by their parents or
themselves. The guy may not be able
to afford everything, but he must pay
for the things that are crucial for the
prom date to be a success.
3. Males have always had a tradition
of planning prom. Even though
males “plan” the date, it takes little
to no preparation time for them. The
girls just tell their date what they are
doing for the prom night. Her date
then puts the girl’s plan to action by
booking and driving his date to everything.
The biggest worry of planning
prom, for a boy, is messing up
what the girl wants to do. The male
knows if he messes up his girl’s plan,
he most likely will not have such a
great night.
4. The day of prom guys are usually
calm. Without the necessity of
doing makeup and curling his hair, a
guy has it pretty easy. He just needs
to wait about an hour or two before
the planned pick up time, then take
a shower, find a tie that works, comb
his hair, and put on the nearest suit in
his closet.
The whole process only takes
about 30-45 minutes and is simple.
Then the male proceeds to his car to
pick up his date and the date begins.


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