Exams: Frosty’s Revenge

Kathleen Pfohl

Sipping hot chocolate and partaking
in an all-day Netflix binge-a-thon
may have sounded like a good way to
spend days off of school due to snow
but many AP students may be feeling
the repercussions of missed class
As students rejoiced
over the snow days that
seemed to consume nearly
the entirety of February
and March, the Advanced
Placement students and
teachers dreaded the lost
time that may result in a
time-crunch before AP
exams in May.
The loss of instructional
time in classes has been
a worry for students and
teachers alike, making the
already terrifying AP exams
a bit more stressful.
As the end of the year approaches
this time-crunch
has become even more
important as SOLs, AP
exams, SATs, and IB exams all creep
up on the already weary and projectstricken
For juniors this will be the first
year in which the AP exams will be
taken, bringing with this new experience
the obvious, yet incredibly
normal, anxiety as each student aims
for the highest possible grade.
“It is a little bit concerning as a
junior but I find time to study. As a
senior you would have done it before,
you don’t have as many classes,
and by now you should know where
you’re going to college so it isn’t as
stressful,” junior Carter Leake said.
Some students, on the other hand,
do not feel as though the days off will
affect their studies at all.
“Mrs. Veich is really good with
organizing everything, so she put
a calendar up, and every time we
missed a snow day she would update
the calendar while organizing everything
we missed around the snow
days so that we were still on track,”
senior Kristin Bruce said.
Although the majority of students
would prefer snow days, many teachers
have work in mind that may not
be too appealing to their kids.
“We’ve lost six days and
three and a half or four A days
which could be used for an entire
unit. Right now my plan
is just to have a spring break
packet, which I have never
done before,” AP Environmental
Science teacher Wendy
Pruden said.
Despite these days off, some
teachers don’t believe this will
have a negative end result on
the students’ AP exam scores.
“I think overall those students
that would have done
well will do well all the same
because they will put that extra
effort in outside of class,”
Wendy Pruden said.
With much of March and
February dedicated to snow, AP class
time will have been cut short but
through dedication and extra studying
time the pain of AP testing could
be diminished and made, dare it be
said, less stressful.


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