Dressing the Dressless

Morgan Bowen

Prom season is finally here! Juniors
and seniors are already picking
their dinner location, making
hair appointments, ordering corsages
and finding their dates. In all
the hustle and bustle of the season
it’s hard for students to think about
anything else. Unfortunately, some
students don’t have that luxury.
The organization Cinderella’s
Closet is a national group determined
to assist financially
u n f o r t u –
nate youth
in their
dreams to attend
The organization
was started by Erin
Peterson who, in her
youth, struggled to afford
prom as well. Cinderella’s
Closet gives girls
an opportunity to go to
prom stress free.
“We want prom
to be special for
everyone. So far
we have about
20 dresses donated
by Hanover
is a shocking
number. It’s
a m a z i n g
how many
p e o p l e
have gotten
really taken
on this project,” junior Taylor Gordon
Gordon is a member of the junior
class committee for prom, which is
collecting dresses in room 2307 for
this cause. This is the first year a
prom committee has taken steps to
help those go to prom who could not
usually attend.
“I think prom committees in the
future should consider doing Cinderella’s
Closet as well because it’s
helping the teens in the school and
community and making prom even
more fun; the more the merrier.”
Gordon said.
Those who use the Cinderella’s
Closet organization are no less than
ecstatic with their options and overall
experience. First, the students
must make an appointment through
t h e school they attend,
with the
closest Cinderella’s
Closet location.
These appointments
are scheduled for a
time slot of two hours allowing
for plenty of time to try
on as many dresses as possible
and choose the right one.
Once the student arrives at
the location, she is treated like
a royal. She is assigned a fairy
godmother who is to take
care of her for the entirety
of the appointment.
This person will help
the student pick out the
perfect dress and provide
her with snacks
and drinks to make
the appointment
as enjoyable as
Once the
dress is chosen,
free alterations
are provided.
This process is
easy and simple.
The Cinderella’s Closet program
is well worth the time put into it.
The junior class has really stepped
up this year to make prom more enjoyable
for everyone involved. It’s
for a good cause and for the future
years students should consider it.


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