Best Community for Music

Kelly Guthrie

Many people don’t take the time
to appreciate the fine arts. For many
places across the country the focus is
on sports such as basketball, football
and soccer rather than the programs
such as band, choir, strings, drama
and art.
“I am excited to officially announce
that Hanover County Public Schools
has, for the second year in a row,
been recognized as a “Best Community
for Music Education,” Hanover
High School Principal Dana Gresham
This award brings much honor
to the Hanover community along
with 11 other counties around
the state and 307 around the
country that received this prestigious
award. This is including
the Roanoke County Schools
which are celebrating the 11th
year in the spot light.
“This recognitions shows the
commitment of school administration,
community leaders, teachers
and parents who believe in music
education and are working hard
to ensure that it is part of a complete
education for all students,” Lead
Teacher Specialist for Performing
Arts Barry Flowe said.
Flowe was also spent time as the Oak
Knoll Middle School Band Director
for many years.
“Hanover County has a lot of things
that involve music, like take Hanover
High School for example; we have
band, orchestra and choir in our music
department. Each has more pieces
to it. Band, choir and orchestra has
four to five different types of classes
in each performing arts group that
you could take or audition for and let
us not forget the amazing marching
band,” freshman Storm Rossi said
Not only do the teachers and students
feel the effects of the music but
the parents and community members
feel the effects. In Hanover County
the music plays at many different
public venues stretching as close as
the state fair, the Ashland fire station,
and Atlee library and as far as
Disney World, Boston and New York
“Hanover County Produces students
that love music and participation in
the fine arts is something they will
carry with them for the rest of their
lives,” band parent Theresa Campbell
In terms of community the schools
are very well knit due to the positive
relations of the directors to other directors
and overall Hanover County
will have more students in the districts
(band, choir and orchestra) but
also do very well at the state competition
level receiving mostly superior
and excellent ratings.
“The feeling of a family is a positive
environment for any student
involved. The teachers go the extra
mile to help us learn our music while
having fun,” junior Taylor O Neal
The award brings light to many
areas of the Hanover County’s
quality education, their skilled
teachers, devoted students and
the positive relations connecting
each school to another.
“I think that this award reflects
Hanover County. I know that at
Hanover, something like 30% of
the student body is part of the
band, choir and stings programs.
Which means if I picked 10 students
out of the school statistically 3
of them are going to be in the band,
strings or choir programs which I
think is simply crazy to think about
it?” junior Kayla Oakley said.
Across the county this award reflects
upon the elementary schools
and their very basic beginner music
lessons, in middle school with the
first split of choir, strings and band
and in high school with higher level
“What sets Hanover County apart
is not the students, not the environment
but the teachers. Hanover
county aren’t more experienced or
“smarter” what sets them apart is the
level at which they care for every
student. They go out of their way to
make sure the students reach their
full potential” freshman Allie Dockum


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