Artist of the Month

Kelly Guthrie

Sophomore Hannah Sayles

Q: Why did you get into acting
and singing?
A: Singing I have a deep passion
for it and acting is just so much fun
Q: What about acting attracts
A The people really got me interested
and I was instantly drawn
to it.
Q: How does it feel to be part of
the drama program?
A: I was just blown away, I just
couldn’t believe it. This was my
first play and I was the lead.
Q: How does it to feel a part of
choir as well?
A: Fun, and I greatly enjoy being
in Highlights.
Q:What has been your favorite
experience in the fine arts so far?
A:The rush I get after a big highlights
performance and the feeling
of being someone else in the play.
Q: Do you plan to continue in
high school? What About college?
A: I will continue through my
last two years at Hanover. I might
join singing and acting clubs in
college. I would not like it as a
carreer because it would drain my
passion for it.
Q: Anything eles?
A: Thank you to Mr. Barrack,
Mrs. Boyd and senior Ellie Mc-


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