Art Takes a Trip to New York City

Daniel Oster

At the end of March, art students
got a chance to learn about art outside
the classroom during their trip
to New York City.
“We got to visit a lot of museums,”
sophomore Lee Olenyik, an
art and photography student, said.
“We saw a lot more than just the
museums, too. We even got to see
the musicals “Les Miserables” and
“Once”, and some pretty weird museums
that you wouldn’t guess you
would find on an art trip,” Olenyik
The students visited The Met,
Brooklyn and museums such as the
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
and the Museum of Modern Art. The
students saw a lot of new artwork,
but their surprise didn’t end with
the museums.
“Everything in New York is
surprisng,The streets were as colorful
as the art museums,”Olenyik said.
The students were excited to
see art they had previously learned
about, such as “Starry Night” by
Vincent Van Gogh at the Museum
of Modern Art. Some students, like
Andy Wright, a junior art student,
saw artwork they never even knew
existed before the trip.
“We saw videos of people creating
Minecraft art in museums. The
artists are able to program the game
to help them make the art. I’d never
seen that before I went to the museum,”
Wright said.
In March 2013, the Museum of
Modern Art introduced a permanent
video game collection, including
games such as The Sims, Pac-Man,
and Minecraft.
“I went to a Nintendo store and
got mints in the shape of a shield.
They had a bunch of stuff completely
based off the Legend of Zelda
games,” Wright said.
Apart from museums with even
more unique art than expected, the
students had fun exploring the city
and art of New York.
“I went there with $250 and came
back with $5,” Olenyik lamented.


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