Winter Interrupts Music

Kelly Guthrie and Georgia Geen

Snow: the white flakes plaguing
the city of Richmond. Nothing in
central Virginia is safe from Mother
Nature in the middle of winter.
District band on January 30th was
canceled due to the rapid accumulation
of the white pest, and the
orchestra’s Valentine’s Day concert
to be held on February 13th was
postponed until March due to the
winter storm that hit the day before.
“I was a little sad that the Valen –
tine’s Day concert was canceled,
because I was looking forward to
playing the music that I had worked
so hard practicing,” junior Kayla
Oakley said.
Over 30 band students were affected
by this and were unable to
attend district band, in addition to
every Orchestra student who would
have performed in the concert. District
band this year was to be held at
New Kent high school, in New Kent
County. New Kent is just northeast
of Hanover County. On the Tuesday
night before the event about four
inches of snow accumulated. This is
contrast with the estimated two and
a half inches that accumulated at
Hanover High school.
“The seniors have been looking
forward to this for awhile and especially
those who have never made
it before,” junior Angelica Munios
The District I coordinators have
determined they can not reschedule
the event due to the guest conductor
being unavailable.
“Honestly, I was a little disappointed
by the cancellation because I know
others, as well as myself, worked
long and hard, we spent countless
hours stressing and when we made
it, that was so exciting to know that
those hours paid off but when it
canceled it was back to square
one with what feels like wasted
hours,” junior Ivie Petrus said
District band has been held
at Lee Davis and Glen Allen.
The areas that were affected
by this cancelation included
the cities of Richmond and West
Point, and counties of Henrico,
Hanover, Charles City, King &
Queen, King William and New
Kent. Hanover High School has the
most participants, calculated to be
about 15% of the 213 musicians.
“I am sad since it was my final
year. Every year it’s such an amazing
experience every time so it’s sad
to think that I’ll never do it again,”
senior Emily Turner said.
Hanover High has seven All-State
eligible students who were typically
in the top five chairs depending on
This year these students are
Seniors Daniel Alonso (flute), Chris
Pennington (clarinet), and Brady
Anthony-Brumfield (trombone).
Juniors include Ashleigh Bryant
(clarinet), Charlotte Howel (alto
saxophone), Drew Houck (alto
saxophone), and Ivie Petrus (percussion).
“I’m upset at the cancellation. I’m
sad because I usually enjoy playing
music and hanging out with friends
over the weekend, and the concert
is always fun. It’s usually a great
opportunity to get better at my instrument
and play some fun music.
Sadly, it’s cancelled so we don’t get
that opportunity,” junior Nick Verham
For many band kids the experience
isn’t over. Some have done
district stings and district choirs.
Also, seven band students are
privileged to try out for all-state.
However, for Orchestra students,
the weeks spent in class and at
home practicing will not be put to
“Mrs. Davis is considering making
the concert a ‘Spring Fling’ concert,”
Oakley said, “It just wouldn’t be a
Valentine’s concert anymore.” The
concert, were it to have occurred,
would have featured small groups
of about 2-5 Orchestra students.
The possible “Spring Fling” concert
will be performed in the same manner.
“I like performing in small groups
better, because you can hear all of
the individual parts better,” sophomore
Sean Talbot said. Small groups
allow for the talent of individual
musicians to shine through.
“I was sad it got cancelled having
worked so hard on the music and
also having a great audition and also
that it will be my last district event
ever, I wish they would reschedule
it rather than canceled but I do get
to audition for All-State so my road
quite end yet” senior Daniel Alonso
This was just another saddening
moment for the band this year
with an already low note at festival
where the band received a two at
the marching band competition
putting them out of the running for
another honor band status.
“It was my first year auditioning,
and on an instrument that is completely
new to me. I was so excited
when I had found out that I had
made it! To hear that it was cancelled
was disappointing to say the
least,” junior Kensey Plotz said.
The band will be gearing up for
their next festival appearance in the
next couple of month as a wind ensemble
and playing the highest level
music a band can play and being one
of the only high schools to do this.
“It’s special, to know that despite
that our rough year so far there
is still so much we can do and we
have the big festival coming up we
also have the spring concert, tri-m
concert, show choir band and the
jazz band dinner and so much more.
I love band and I feel really blessed
every day I get to come” Plotz said.


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