Spreading Valentine’s Love With Hanover Clubs

Devon Altman

Roses are red, carnations are pink. Did the snow cause Horticulture sales to shrink? Chocolate is sweet and violets are blue. Did the French Club candy grams make an impression on you?
Valentine’s Day has always been an eventful holiday, especially when clubs and classes are busy at work preparing items for sale. In order to help students with their annual V-day shopping, both the Horticulture classes and the French Club stepped in.
Horticulture continued with their tradition of selling and delivering roses and carnations to the student body, while the French Club hit the scene for first time with their distribution of Valentine candy bags. However, the student-led sales, even after hours of preparation, did not go as planned.
French Club was eager to begin their candy gram sales on Thursday, February 13, and Friday, February 14, while Horticulture had already begun their sales earlier in the week with the intention of distributing the pre-purchased roses and carnations closer to Valentine’s Day as usual.
This time around however, Saint Valentine was a little cold-hearted after being blasted with snow and ice. With school being cancelled on both Thursday and Friday of Valentine’s Day week, the two distributors had to re-adjust their selling tactics.
The French Club, spur of the moment, decided to begin their sale Wednesday with fears of the approaching snowstorm. This rookie-decision proved successful for the club sold 90% of their candy grams that day, making close to $100.
The Horticulture class, sensing the winter storm brewing as well, made their deliveries to classes early on Wednesday, but ceased sales of the carnations and roses that day as a result.
Although Valentine’s Day was more blanketed in white than pink and red this year, the French Club had a triumphant first sale and they believe this new tradition has the potential for great success in the years to come.
For Horticulture, “The sale was still a success,” Erinn Helwig, head of the Agricultural Education Department revealed. “I was worried about how the snow would impact everything, but I imagine next year [our sale] will be even more successful!”


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