Local Likeable Lunch

Chris DiLeo

I first stumbled into Ashland Breakfast and Lunch about a year and half ago. Despite having lived in my small town for as long as I can remember, I had never eaten there, and was expecting an average diner-like experience. What I got was far, far better, and has made me frequent the humble restaurant I had so long ignored.
When I first entered I was immediately greeted by one of the friendliest restaurant staffs I’ve ever encountered. My order was brought to me with expedience, but it definitely wasn’t rushed. I got what was the best breakfast burrito of my life (which, by the way, was massive) for $3.50. Had I bought this at Denny’s or just about anywhere else, it would have at least cost $5.50. I’ve never been to a restaurant that offered such quality food for so cheap.
The thing that’s most interesting about the little diner I so love is the fact that of all the fields they excel in, their strong suit is beverages. Throughout the many meals I’ve eaten there, I have seen multiple people, ranging from road crews to business men, come in and order one thing and one thing only: sweet tea. They come in and fill up their oversized mugs to go, toss the cashier payment and leave. Initially, this baffled me. Yes, I had been to venues with particularly good sweet tea in the past, but never good enough to come in to order exclusively. I flagged down a waitress and asked for a glass, and let’s just say all other sweet teas taste like six month-old dishwater now in comparison to their heavenly tea.
The other outstanding drink is the coffee, I have ordered it every time I’ve gone since I first tried it, even in the dead heat of a summer afternoon. I once tried to see where they get it from, and the nearest location was in Maryland. Its bold flavors and caffeine content will surely give your day the right start, not to mention like everything else, it’s cheap, at about a buck twenty-five a cup.
Now a fun fact about the restaurant that I recently discovered is that it is owned by none other the family of Hanover High School alumnus, Danny Gutierrez, who can be found working as a server there. The restaurant is local through and through.
The only bad thing I really have to say about the place is that it closes early, at two o’clock, as they only serve lunch and breakfast (as the name would imply). If you are ever in the area and want some quality, affordable food and service with a smile, and to see this reporter engorging himself, then there is no better place to go than Ashland Breakfast and Lunch. I can guarantee you won’t be dissatisfied with their service, food, and local consistency.


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