Artist of the Month

Kelly Guthrie

Brittney Throckmorton

Q: How long have you been in
art classes?
A: Three years
Q: What was your favorite project
you have ever done?
A: The project we did this year
in Art II where we placed plaster
on a board and then using different
objects around the room
made imprints into the plaster.
After that we sealed it and then
we finger painted it.
Q: How do you think your art
has improved over time?
A: I think it has improved in
that my general craftsmanship
had improved and I hope it will
continue to do so.
Q: What was the first project you
remember doing?
A: We had to make 3D boxes
and then on those boxes we had
to line them up in a grid of sorts
and then draw on them a self
Q: What would you tell people
interested in joining the art classes
here at Hanover?
A: It is such a creative outlet
and an escape from school. Art is
great and I encourage anyone to
do it.
Q: Do you have plans to continue
studying art in college?
A: Yes, but on a smaller scale.


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