A Day for Giving Love

Morgan Bowen

Valentine’s Day makes people around the world increasingly aware of their relationship status. Some of the most fortunate received flowers and chocolates and everything the local Hallmark could provide, while others found themselves facing the harsh reality of an empty hand.
Whether it was a date, a gift or just a night at home, mixed feelings seemed to be omnipresent this Valentine’s Day.
“I like Valentine’s Day. I think it’s nice to appreciate the people you love and care for and it’s a good day to show affection,” senior Derek Casey said.
Senior Ethan Boroughs, who is in a relationship, said, “I like Valentine’s Day because you can express your feelings to your loved one, but then I hate it because you’re sort of obligated to do so which can kind of take some sincerity out of it.”
Describing what his plans were, Boroughs said, “We went to dinner and I got her flowers and candy and all the usual stuff. I didn’t want to go all out though because when you do, it’s harder to top that when it comes to her birthday and Christmas and whatever comes up.”
“I don’t think it’s really necessary to go all out right now, I might when I’m married,” Casey said, agreeing with Boroughs.
English teacher Frances McMillan got in on Valentine’s Day fun this year as well.
“I don’t mind Valentine’s Day, I think all holidays are pretty much commercialized to a certain point. I got my husband the Marshall Mathers LP. He’s a big Eminem fan. I had it all planned out. I had a cute card to go with the CD that I put in his car on the steering wheel that said push play. It was fun.”
However, senior Logan Healy, though in a relationship, does not see the appeal of the holiday at all.
“Valentine’s Day is a waste of money and time. You go to these big, fancy restaurants and eat these meals that are so tiny just for this holiday. You can have much more fun just on a casual date like bowling,” said Healy.
On the opposite end of the spectrum, senior Sarah Belcher spent Valentine’s Day with her friends. “It’s a cute holiday when you actually have someone to buy things for, but I guess my friends and I are buying each other flowers just so we don’t feel like were out of the circle.”
Valentine’s Day has accumulated many differing opinions about its presence over the years. There are many ways to spend it and none is bettter than the other. Valentine’s Day originated to celebrate loved ones, romantically or not, and should continue to bring out strong feelings in those who choose to participate.

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