Season Ends at Lake TAylor

Danny Polk

Once you enter the playoffs, records
don’t matter. The Hawks entered
at 5-5, a mark that in years past
may have kept them out of the playoffs.
But, the Hawks used the new
VHSL classification to their advantage,
and came to play as the #11 seed
in the Group 4A South playoffs.
Hanover controlled their destiny
in the final week of the regular season
against Glen Allen, the same situation
that they faced and succeeded with
last year. The Hawks prevailed for the
second straight season in a must-win
situation with a 21-6 victory, earning
them a berth into the playoffs.
“Anytime you hit the playoffs it’s
a new season,” head coach Derek
Stoudt said, “The only thing that matters
is what you do that week.”
Hanover pulled off their biggest
win of the season with a 28-13 win
over #6 seed Churchland in the first
round of the playoffs, one where the
Hawks were in control the entire
“We did so much work that week.
We had the most focused practices
that we had all season,” sophomore
defensive end Tanner Lacey said, “We
were the more prepared team,”
The Hawks dominated the ground
game as freshman Clayton Cheatham
rushed for 194 yards and a touchdown.
Senior quarterback Korbin
Bordonie threw for 79 yards and a
“We started to bond as a team
more towards the end of the season
and that’s why we were able to pull
off the upset win,” Lacey said.
However, the Hawks’ run came
to an end one week later when they
traveled to #3 Lake Taylor.
The explosive rushing game that
was present against Churchland was
non-existant as the Hawks rushed for
-3 yards. Meanwhile, the defense was
unable to keep the Titans’ offense in
check as Lake Taylor accumulated
nearly 400 yards of offense, 268 of
which were through the air.
Despite being eliminated, the
Hawks took pride in the season they
were able to produce.
“We took some growing pains during
the year, made the playoffs, and
won our first round game, so all in all
in was a positive season,” Stoudt said.
“We had a lot of new people, a lot of
different positions, when you look at
the progress week to week it was a
very good season”
“We had some ups and downs in
our season, but we’re all one big family,”
Lacey said, “We got through the
adversity and we worked together as
a team and that’s why towards the
end of the year you saw our offense
and our defense improving more and
Stoudt was pleased with the trasition
into his first season as head
“I’ve been here for the past five
years, so I just took over a new role
with some new responsibilities, but I
was very comfortable with the team
and the people around me,” Stoudt
said, “The learning curve was probably
minimized because of that.”
Three Hanover seniors: linebacker
Brennan Gary, offensive/defensive
tackle Scott Denton, and wide receiver/
safety Josh Harris earned roster
spots for the Big River Rivalry,
the Richmond-area’s all-star game for
high school seniors.
The three Hawks will compete on
the North team as the teams are split
based off which side of the James
River the home school is located. The
game, sponsored by the Touchdown
Club of Richmond, will be held December
21st at Randolph-Macon.


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