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Annie Sadler

As the question “Did you
make that?” is repeatedly ask,
one only wonders, what can it
be that they are talking about?
Well, it’s knitting with a twist.
Looming and arm knitting
have become the new phase here
at Hanover among the female
students. It is fairly quick, extremely
easy, a huge money saver
and a creative way to make the
ever fashionable infinity scarf.
“I started arm knitting because
it’s an easy way to make
cute scarves. I saw it on Pintrest
and thought I would try it.
It’s fun and I like how the loose
loops look on the scarf,” junior
Sarah Owen said.
Looming requires one to go
out and purchase the loom set,
which can be found at Michael’s
or AC Moore, and either the
rectangle set or the circle set can
be used. Arm knitting is self-explanatory,
arms are the tool.
“I tried looming but this [arm
knitting] is faster, you don’t need
a loom so it’s easier to do on the
go,” Owen said.
The next mission is choosing
yarn. While the color possibilities
are endless, thick yarn is a
necessity. If arm knitting, make
sure the yarn is long enough to
double up or buy two rolls since
one needs two strands to work
After all the goods have been
purchased, the next step is to begin.
So, get cozy and get ready to
spend a relaxing evening knitting.
For arm knitting, it doesn’t
take long, about 30 minutes is
all that is needed. Looming will
take a little longer. It requires a
few hours of work, depending on
the length of the scarf. The loom
gives a tighter scarf, while arm
knitting results in loose loops.
For both the ends will need to be
sewed together to make it a true
infinity scarf.
Keep in mind, YouTube is
a friend here, use it. The videos
will teach all the basic steps
and show how it is done. Now,
choose a method and get to work.


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