Music Concerts Take Off Through the Winter

Danielle Oster

Bells jingle cheerfully in the distance.
Festive red and green household objects
are purchased and kitchens are
filled with the aroma of gingerbread
cookies and hot chocolate. Are you
ready for the holiday season yet?
Hanover High School is, and this
month, band, chorus, and the orchestra
are holding winter concerts filled
with fun holiday music. All of the
concerts are free, so that everyone
can enjoy an especially great
way to lead into the
winter break from
On December
the band
will begin
p e r f o r –
mances by
the middle
school band
groups. Second, Hanover’s
concert band will play a selection
of holiday music. Concluding
the band concert, wind ensemble will
be playing songs such as “Fantasia for
Christmas” and “Children’s March”.
Even though the concert is Christmas
themed, band is not limiting their
music selection to simply Christmas
carols. “Children’s March” by Percy
Grainger, is not holiday themed.
Since the orchestra and band concerts
are so close to
winter break
and therefore
Christmas itself,
music will
be even
more effective in
putting listeners into a festive mood.
Hanover High School’s chorus
held their winter concert already
on December 10th, singing a variety
of beloved holiday songs.
“It was a lot of fun,” said
senior Austin Riley. “There
were more standstill
songs performed,
w h e r e
we don’t
dance. A song I
really liked was
“ H o m e l a n d , ”
and it was also
nice hearing
mixed chamber
sing “Make Our
Garden Grow.””
The orchestra will also be
participating in building spirit
with a concert on December 18th.
They will be playing holiday songs
including, but definitely not limited
to, “African Bell Carol” and “Arabian
“I’m excited for it!” said junior
Rachel Kirkland. “We
play get to play holiday
music, and we practice
every class for
the concert.” Each
music group has
been working hard
perfecting their
music in class and after
school rehearsals.
Even the musicians that are
beginning to grow tired of playing
Christmas carols will enjoy
performing for an audience.
Those in attendance to the winter
concerts can enjoy a variety of festive
decorations in the auditorium,
which compliment the music being
A group of Tri-M members stayed
after school one day in December and
worked diligently to put up two enormous
Christmas trees as well as potted
poinsettias that line the stage. The
decorations contribute to the feelings
of holiday cheer that will be created
by the music played by the Chorus,
Orchestra and Band.


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