Staff Editorial

The theme for the school year
is Unity in Community. Do we
have the community? Yes. Do we
have the unity? Not so much. The
concept for this has been offering
a multitude of service opportunities
for students to take part
in will consequently unify them.
The issue with that approach,
though, is that only the students
who are interested in volunteering
are the ones who are unified.
To bring the Unity in Community
campaign to life, action
needs to be taken. The quantity
of service opportunities is fantastic,
there is a lot for students to
participate in, but unless we are
unified, it is simply service opportunities
with no bigger meaning.
Don’t get us wrong, the overall
idea of Unity in Community is
great, but until a strategy comes
about that can achieve it, that’s
all it is: an idea. Maybe, it would
be a better strategy to unify the
student body, and then offer the
abundance of community service
opportunities. That way the idea
becomes reality and the participation
level in community service
activities increases.


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