I Spy: Student Edition

Chandler Foster

Recent technology has led to a
lot of surveillance in America, even
of people’s private lives. Many Hanover
students are monitored here
at school. From the time they get
on the bus, they are watched and
Last year, all Hanover County
Public School busses had new recording
systems installed. A camera
was placed every few seats along the
left side of the bus. These cameras
can be accessed by administrators as
evidence for referrals written on the
At school, all the main hallways
have cameras in them that are
monitored in the front office. The
school system also has the ability
to monitor students’ web browsing,
even among sites that are not
blocked. Beyond cyber surveillance,
students are also kept under a close
eye in a physical sense. Recently,
Hanover High School has been enforcing
stricter rules on students in
the halls. Every class has designated
passes: one for the boys’ bathroom,
another for girls’, and a green pass
for trips to the nurse or office, and
other miscellaneous places. Students
who wander the halls without one
of these passes may receive detention.
Students are also required to
‘buzz in’ if arriving to school late.
This measure was installed with the
best intentions but has proven to be
a bit of a bother to students and parents.
Students who take classes like
JROTC or classes at the trade school
also have to ‘buzz in’ sometimes
standing in freezing weather for a
few minutes while they wait for the
door to unlock. Likewise, parents
must wait outside before coming in
to sign out a child.
Many students were unaware
that cameras in the halls even exist.
Sophomore Andy Wright says,
“I didn’t even know that they were
up. I’ve looked for them, but haven’t
seen them.
Some students are concerned
about being watched but Wright
says, “You shouldn’t be doing anything
in these hallways without taking
in the possibility that somebody
is going to see you.” Many disagree,
calling it “invasion of privacy.”
Another use of these cameras
involves exposing students who
decide to play hooky during a free
block. Cameras near the entrances
and exits identify everyone going in
and out, making sure nobody spends
their lunch down at McDonalds.
These cameras make some feel
safe and some feel violated. They
watch our halls and help identify
those who walk them.


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