Theater Takes the Stage in Fall Performance

Tristan Bullock & Ellie McDade-Nelson

A hush fell over the crowd as
the house lights dimmed. All eyes
aimed at the stage as the curtain
opened to reveal the Hanover Theatre
Company’s fall production, “As
You Like It” by William Shakespeare.
For director Elise Boyd, “As
You Like It” represented the beginning
of a new chapter in Hanover’s
theatre history.
“This is a perfect first show for
the new Hanover Theatre Comany.
Love, passion, sacrifice, menace,
comedy and silly sylvan mayhem
make “As You Like It” a wonderful
introduction to my directing style
and the new talent we’ve found this
fall at HHS. There are surprises in
every scene and genuine moments
that won’t be forgotten,” Boyd said.
For senior Abby Kindle, portraying
Rosalind in AYLI was as much
as a personal experience as it was a
“I believe that “As You Like It”
is a play that shows us how people
are willing to do whatever it takes
to have their happily ever after. It
also shows how women are not always
the helpless love-shaken ones
in relationships. Rosalind is a strong
young woman who is able to help
three other couples have their happy
ending in addition to finding her
own husband,” Kindle said.
Junior Chet Bland enjoyed the
challenge of playing Orlando, AYLI’s
male lead.
“To be honest, I’ve always been
comfortable with being on stage
whether it be music, acting, or speaking.
Being on stage and working with
others is what I want to do for the
rest of my life; being in “As You Like
It” is just one of many acts in the play
of life,” Bland said.
Bland is no stranger to the stage:
before his acting debut in last spring’s,
“Chasing Rabbits and Other Educational
Theories,” he said. Bland also
sang in the local band, Marathon.
“I think singing with Marathon
has been very helpful for me as far as
being able to be authentic on stage,”
he said.
“As You Like It” runs through November
23rd at 7:00pm, and tickets
are $7


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