Staff Editorial


“This is not a punishment and we
don’t want you to think of it as one,”
said Principal Dana Gresham.
A senior assembly was held on
Monday, October 14, to announce
a senior service project just three
days after “Freshman Friday” took
place. Seniors were unhappy since
the project’s release was discussed
directly after the announced disapproval
of the prank.
Though it is being advertised as a
senior project that will “leave a legacy,”
due to the inappropriate timing
of the announcement, it is popular
belief that the school is trying to enforce
a form of punishment. Many
seniors would normally be enthusiastic
about the idea of a senior class
project, but are rejecting it since it
was presented in a potentially negative
Perhaps instead of a “punishment”
necessarily, the administration
had simply intended for the
project to portray the senior class
in a better light than it appeared in
after the water balloon attack. The
administration hopes that the senior
service project will become a tradition
so that each class can leave a
positive impact on the community.


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