Protector of the Cosmos Storms the Big Screen

Matthew Harris

“This movie is just a set up for another “Avengers.”” The quote is used by many who are led to believe that the next batch of Marvel-made movies coming out is just an elaborate scheme to set up for a sequel to “Avengers.”
These thoughts are planted in Marvel fans’ heads, and this leads to a dislike for any movies leading up to the next “Avengers.” But even through all of this flack, “Thor: The Dark World” didn’t fail to deliver.
“Thor: The Dark World” did not utilize visual effects as masterfully as the newer film.
The use of this element made scenes in “Thor: The Dark World” more intense and made many scenarios more dramatic. Coupled with explosive music, the visual effects were well used, and even created a plot that was easy to follow.

The film’s dialogue stuck out as well. Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth, kept the audience entertained. He brought comic relief through many scenes, which was well used throughout the film. The minor characters, such as Erik Selvig, played by Stellan Skarsgård, were equally effective. Not only did their lines bring comic relief, but new issues introduced in the movie were coupled with a comedic stance, which made the movie intense, but not to an extreme.
Another element used in “Thor: The Dark World” was the makeup and dressing of the cast.
The makeup of the antagonists in this film, the Dark Elves, added a sinister and evil feel. The Asgardian attire complimented the atmosphere and overall look of Asgard, which added to the viewer’s appeal of the film.

An unexpected element used by Marvel was the various plot twists. Some events left viewers not knowing the outcome after something completely surprising had occurred, and led the viewer to question what would actually happen. This effect contributed to the thrill factor of the movie and added a veil of mystery around each scene.
One issue with the film was the fight scenes. Not so much the scenes themselves, but the actual fighting occurring in the scenes. It was simply one character hitting another and the camera following whomever had been hit across a specified location. Then, when said character would get up, the process would repeat itself for another five or so minutes until the victor was the one last standing.
This kind of battle was an issue because it didn’t compliment the brute force of a character such as Thor; it made him look as though he or the character he was doing battle with were just ragdolls.
All issues aside, “Thor: The Dark World” is a film worth watching. Yes, it is another movie attempting to set up the next “Avengers”, but it isn’t only that.
The movie stuck out as a nice action film with the added elements of a romantic comedy. Due to the fact that this film wasn’t just an action movie, “Thor: The Dark World” held an appeal that most other movies its genre do not offer.


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