Mcauliffe For the Win

Giles Vanhuss

Republican Ken Cuccinelli, Libertarian
Robert Sarvis, and Democratic
Terry McAuliffe were all
ready to take the governor’s office
by storm, but McAuliffe has taken
the Virginia Governorship.
A close race ended with McAuliffe
winning by three percent, so
there was only a difference of about
a few thousand votes. Both McAuliffe
and Cucinelli had their strong
points that made the race extremely
What put McAuliffe ahead, according
to some students, was the
support from the Democratic Party
and the Republican Party putting
forth a candidate who concentrated
on national subjects like Obama
Care, the controversy over stricter
gun control laws and did not appeal
to the center of the spectrum.
McAuliffe also had more funds for
campaign then Cuccineli and Sarvis
by at least $12 million.
There was also an amount of
mudslinging involved with both
parties. Many students were concerned
about who would be put in
office. “I tend to lean towards the
left, so McAuliffe.” senior Drew Hazelgrove
Although many were leaning toward
the major parties, some found
the Libertarian candidate, Sarvis to
be the best choice for governor.
“I don’t like either the major party
candidates, whether that be Cucineelli
or McAuliffe, I don’t think
they are the best choice for governor,
I was leaning more toward
Sarvis, the libertarian candidate,”
sophomore Maxwell Cloe said.
Before becoming governor,
McAuliffe was the chairman for the
Democratic National Committee
and the chairman for the campaign
of both presidential campaigns of
Bill Clinton in 1996 and Hilary
Clinton in 2008. McAuliffe is also
considered an “American Businessman”
by many of his supporters because
of his many business dealings
with banks and other companies.
McAuliffe has also done business
with foreign companies.
McAuliffe has many plans as governor,
like expanding Medicaid, focusing
on education and being more
bipartisan, which means to please
both parties. This will help the parties
work together and get rid of
unneeded conflict. Another part of
his plan is to boost Medicaid, which
is a source of health insurance for
people with low incomes. The new
governor’s focus will also be on education
that he hopes will help create
a more efficient learning system for


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