Hawks March to Philly

Georgia Geen

Each city has its own way of celebrating
the holidays, often opening
with a parade Thanksgiving morning.
Cities like Richmond often have smaller,
localized events, while larger ones
host events featuring hundreds of individuals
that are televised throughout
the country.
This year, the Marching Hawks will
be a part of the Philadelphia Thanksgiving
Day Parade, combined with the
bands of Patrick Henry and Monacan
High to form the Greater Richmond
Combined Band.
“I’m excited to work with other
bands, I’ve already talked to people
from Patrick Henry,” freshman Sam
Pace said.
The oldest continuing parade in the
country, Philadelphia’s Thanksgiving
Day Parade, has been running yearly
since the 1920s.
Until 1986, the parade was sponsored
by Gimbel Brother’s Department Store,
a children’s clothing store. However,
once the store closed, national sponsors
such as Dunkin’ Donuts picked up
the tab so that the tradition could continue.
The 1.4 mile long parade will be
televised from 8:30 to noon on Thursday,
November 28, from a live stream
off the Hanover County website.
As with any holiday parade, it will
feature themed balloons, Santa Claus
on his sleigh and a variety of other
floats. In addition to Hanover’s group,
more than ten other bands from
around the East Coast and beyond will
also be marching in the parade.
“It’s fun to meet other bands and
see how they do things,” sophomore
Jordan Clark said.
In addition to spending time in
Philadelphia, the band will begin the
first leg of their trip in New York City.
They will depart for New York early
Monday morning. There, they’ll enjoy
a Broadway show and a visit to the Top
of the Rock observatory at the Rockefeller
“Considering the trip last year was
to Disney World and we had the warm
weather, it’ll be a big change for some
of us,” Clark said.
Once the marching band arrives in
Philadelphia, they will tour the Historic
Philadelphia, including Independence
Hall and the Liberty Bell center,
as well as a trip to the Philadelphia
“I’m most excited to see the Liberty
Bell, and all of the history that Philadelphia
offers,” Clark said.


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