From Golden Turkeys to Twinkling Trees

Kathleen Pfohl

For the past 34 years, the annual
Craftsmen’s Christmas Classic Art &
Craft Festival has been held at the
Richmond Raceway Complex. This
year it took place on November 1, 2,
and 3. The Craftsmen’s Classic served
as a way to avoid last minute Christmas
shopping that the sanest of people
aim to avoid but inevitably fall
victim to.
Richmond’s Christmas Art & Craft
Festival allows sellers to display seasonal,
one-of-a-kind crafts in the
raceway’s “exhibition hall.”
These crafts range from the cliché
Christmas wreaths to the questionably
tacky and disturbing plant pots
made to look like children’s legs.
As people rush from Christmas
themed booth to booth, the sounds of
Bing Crosby play in the background,
evoking an almost terrifying view
of the chaos that revolves around
The long running question
throughout the minds of buyers during
the holiday season is ‘How early
is too early?’ As the Christmas season
slowly creeps into November, people
are questioning whether or not
Thanksgiving is being overlooked.
“Thanksgiving is in between Halloween
and Christmas, so it is sometimes
forgotten,” sophomore Jenny
Schumacher said.
With the hustle and bustle of the
holiday season, Americans begin
rushing to finish each task at hand.
Some students feel that the original
meaning of the holiday is being altered.
“Before Thanksgiving even starts
nowadays Christmas music starts to
play, and they have forgotten what
the real meaning of Christmas is,” junior
Nathan Pal said.
Although many people find the
earliness of these holiday themed
events extreme, they also can be seen
as borderline genius due to their savvy
and stress free shopping, while most
teenagers are left buying gifts the day
before Christmas.
“I always get my gifts really late
and I make my parents pay for it, but
my dad always gets them and starts
thinking of ideas for next year as soon
as Christmas ends.” Schumacher said.
With Christmas constantly in
mind, the stuffing and cranberry
sauce are pushed to the side to make
room for the ever symbolic Christmas
trees and twinkling lights. Perhaps
this is all in order to be prepared for
what is held as the most important
holiday, which manages to sneak up
on us every year.
Americans are starting to see the
holiday dedicated to the founding
of our country as insignificant compared
to the tedious preparation for
Christmas. In order to avoid these last
minute woes, early shopping seems
to be the key, but leading up to the
Christmas season, keep in mind the
meaning behind Thanksgiving and
the non-materialistic gifts we receive
every day.


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