Called to Duty Once Again

Eric Tomillon

For over a decade, the Call of Duty video game series has been considered one of the most important games available, with every installment being a huge success among gamers.
The latest edition of the series, “Call of Duty: Ghosts”, was slated for a November 5 release, and many gamers marked their calendars with this date before its release.
While the Call of Duty series is still highly successful, many gamers are beginning to question whether or not it should continue, or if the games are becoming too similar.
Every game in the Call of Duty series has the same general idea. The player takes the role of a soldier in the military, usually starting off at a very low ranking, and works his or her way up by shooting through endless waves of opposing forces with various weapons.
Each game has a single player campaign, featuring a short Hollywood-like storyline with high amounts of action, but most gamers continue to play for the online multiplayer. Players can connect to the internet and compete against each other in game modes such as Free For All Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag and Demolition.

With a new addition to the series released once a year, many gamers have noticed that the developers of the series are becoming lazy with updates. Each game released since “Call of Duty 4: Modern Warface”, including “Ghosts”, runs off the same graphics engine, making each game look nearly identical since 2007.
Another major complaint of each release is the gameplay of every new addition, which usually seems no different from the previous entry. While there are new weapons to try out and new maps to play on with every new release, the player is still doing close to nothing but running around as fast as possible and shooting anything in his or her direction.
“They’re repetitive in the sense of same gameplay tactics, the same storyline has gone on for quite a while, and the graphics are rather similar. However, it does vary online as new game modes, weapon types and equipment are added,” senior Quint Hadley said.
Other students agree about the repetitive nature of the games, but claim to not have a problem with it.
“The games are repetitive, but they’re supposed to be. You buy the game for an arcade shooter and expect a product similar to its predecessor,” senior Matt Jones said.
With the release of “Call of Duty: Ghosts” still fresh, many students and gamers who have bought the game are enjoying themselves, regardless of having played a nearly identical new game just last year.
With every Call of Duty release, plenty of gamers show burning hatred for the series and plenty of gamers show overwhelming support. However, Call of Duty will more than likely continue to grow stronger for at least a few more releases and remain just as successful as it has been.
Once the gaming community grows tired of the series, they will move on to a new series that will be heavily praised, and likely as commercialized. The Call of Duty games, a fairly recent entry into the game industry will become forgotten artifacts of the past, much like the “Guitar Hero” games became before them.


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