Are We In This Together?

Emily Hastings

Forfeiting a portion of their summer,
a group of 50 students met at
a leadership conference to discuss
ways to better the student body. In
particular, they talked about the
theme “Unity in Community”
to create a positive environment
within the school.
To get the word out about
this new campaign, a video
was created to show to
the students during
the month of October.
Filled with images of the
Civil Rights Movement,
the Nazi regime, starving African
children, as well as some pictures
of the student body, this
video was intended to show
past and present issues that
have touched the lives of many
diverse groups of people.
“This video and this idea of accepting
diversity gives us the ability
to create an understanding and a perspective
that allows us to coexist in
an environment not only conducive
to learning here at the school, but
also to be applied to a much broader
world and society that is filled with
more and more anger, hatred, and
angst,” history teacher and film organizer
Phil Gross said.
Many students, though, hadn’t
even heard of the video. “My teacher
never told my class about this campaign,
let alone showed the video,”
freshman Caroline Hastings said.
Further interviews revealed many
other students were not informed of
this elusive film either.
After reviewing the video, some
believe that it leaves the message of
the campaign muddled.
“The implications of the video
were confusing,” senior Tanner
Sigmon said. “It made it seem that
diversity meant anything povertystricken.”
Indeed, much of the video did
center on showing starving children
and the homeless, which didn’t seem
central to the idea of accepting differences
in people.
Assistant principal Erica Gervais
gave an explanation for these clips,
explaining: “The images of the people
in poverty were chosen to draw
compassion and to show the differences
students can make in
people’s lives,” Gervais
Currently, students
and teachers are working
to organize an event
with Stop Hunger Now to
help people in need and give
students that ability to make a
difference. In taking advantage
of this outlet for
service, the students involved
would be promoting
unity within the school
as well as the community and
the world.
Unfortunately, some feel that the
video falls short of really showing
what students can be doing and what
programs are available to them.
Though the message within the
video wasn’t completely clear-cut,
there is overwhelming support of the
idea to try to bring about programs to
really celebrate diversity and unity.
Now with opportunities and programs
to bring about a more united
school, it’s all up to the students to
take charge and get involved.


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