Pros and Cons of PowerSchool’s Premiere Year

Garrett Gauntt


At the first moment of opening up PowerSchool’s website, any student from last year can tell that Power­School is significantly more organized than Teacherease.

Due to the fact that PowerSchool now tells students their attendance, how many tests they have taken and their grades on each, school calen­dars, and teacher comments, Power­School may be superior because of its organization and overall structure.

PowerSchool also helps parents out by showing them how many days their children have missed and all the teachers’ comments.

PowerSchool now has a link to Schoolnet. Schoolnet, which is also by Pearson, is a website which allows one to access Standardized Tests, Bench­mark Test, and Classroom Tests.

“I like how it has the programs compacted together. It makes every­thing easier and less repetitive,” math teacher Mrs. Pully said.

In the past to access Benchmarks and Standardized Tests, classes would have to enter in a multi-lettered ad­dress but now all a student must do is access PowerSchool and click on the Schoolnet link.

PowerSchool may be flawed, but Pearson is working to resolve these concerns. As more parental calls come in, more mistakes are being discov­ered which will be changed as it de­velops.

Currently, PowerSchool is more in depth than its predecessor. Given the amount of money HCPS has spent on this endeavor, it should last a while.


TeacherEase has been completely removed from Hanover County Pub­lic Schools (HCPS). This left HCPS students with almost a month of not being able to see their grades while the county activated Pearson’s Pow­erSchool.

Last year, TeacherEase had a sys­tem where you may access both per­centages and letter grades. People became outraged at the time of the re­lease due to the fact that PowerSchool was not displaying grade percentages.

On October 3rd, 2013, Power­School was officially updated to show both percentages and letter grades. Even though the company has updat­ed their program to accommodate this concern; there are still concerns from students.

PowerSchool was created with a login system like Blackboard, but some students have reported a prob­lem with PowerSchool processing their password and username.

“Every time I try to login in I put in the exact same password and user­name five times, but it only processes it one fifth of the time,” sophomore Jake Thomas said.

This may pose a problem to stu­dents, considering Thomas was not the only one who reported this as a problem.

In the future, PowerSchool will address these issues as well as others and aim to fix them, but as for now, teachers and students must struggle with the problems that were not pres­ent in Teacherease.


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