Hanover Band Hosts Competition

Danielle Oster

 Hanover High School invited march­ing bands from across Virginia to the Ninth Annual Hanover Hawk Marching Invitational held on the 12th of Octo­ber 2013 starting at 10 a.m.: marching bands from across Virginia performed and were constructively critiqued by a panel of judges.

Bands came from as far as GraftonHigh School in Yorktown, Virginia and RobertE.LeeHigh School in Spring­field, Virginia to perform in front of judges in the stadium at HanoverHigh School. The judges’ goal is to provide helpful comments and grading in cor­respondence with a scale written by the Virginia Band and Orchestra Direc­tors Association (VBODA), which will help the marching bands prepare for their state festival performance at the end of the season.

The goal of every band present is to achieve a perfect rating from VBODA, on a scale is from one to five, one rep­resenting a superior rating and five rep­resenting a poor rating. HanoverHigh School received a one in the 2012 sea­son with their show “Sons do Brazil”. Marching band member A.J. Stegeman says “The scores are helpful because they tell us what we can do better, and give us a place of where we are,” Stege­man said

Marching band member Hannah Mathews said the band practices after school a lot.

“We’ve been working on our show since August and we rehearse what feels like every day but Sunday, Tuesday and sometimes Wednesday” Mathews said.

Brendan Geer, who plays tenor saxo­phone in the band, agrees that the com­petition is very exciting and the band benefits a lot. The band benefits by raising money from concessions, raffle tickets, donut sales and general admis­sion to the stadium.

“I’m happy I get to see all my friends from the governor’s school there,” Geer said.

Marching band members had an espe­cially hectic day on October 12th start­ing at 7a.m. and from there they worked assorted jobs such guiding bands, run­ning concessions, and parking. On top of this many band members also were attending homecoming that evening

“It’s busy but we pull and each we get better,” Geer said.

Over 20 visiting bands, some with more than 100 members, performed at the Invitational. The concession stands were open and run by the HanoverHigh School band parent and the band mem­bers, and professional videographers filmed the marching bands.

“This is almost intimidating but it went off without any trouble” Stege­man said.

Bands from as small as Patrick Henry high school band with 40 members to as big as GraftonHigh School band which includes 250 members compet­ed. Nothing but great comments from directors of visting band for the Ha­nover high band were received.


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