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Ryan Long

Q: Why do you like band?
A: I enjoy band because of my
brother; he used to play the
drum set, and I fell in love with
drums ever since.
Q: What drew you to mallet percussion?
A: My middle school band director
at Stonewall Jackson. He
told me I had to be perfect, I
could not be even slightly off,
and since then I have been very
particular about my playing and
I have always liked it. Plus my
nickname is “Mallet Man” in the
marching band.
Q: What was your favorite piece
of music you have ever played?
A: The best music I have ever
played was “Funky Town” at a
middle school district band and
the spring concert “Michael
Jackson” last year at Hanover.
Q: Do you plan to continue band
in college?
A: Yes, but I don’t plan to major
in music, I want to do it more
as a miscellaneous activity and
have fun with it.
Q: What are you going to take
away from band in high school?
A: It’s made me more open
minded towards everything in
the world because it’s showed
me my true self, the real self:
not just the boring Ryan Long
but the true and fun loving Ryan


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