A Different Way to Choose

Bailey Rummel

crown Tests, quizzes, homework and now homecoming voting: most everything is now online and more specifically, on Blackboard. With many students putting in fake names, curse words and misspellings, could the new sys­tem have affected the final results of one of the biggest popu­larity contests of the year?

After switch­ing from us­ing students’ English class to enter home­coming votes to using Black­board, some ar­gue that it may have an effect on the results of the competition and should not be used again next year.

“A survey in class takes about five minutes so I don’t know why we don’t continue to do that,” senior, and this year’s new homecoming queen, Maura Long said.

With voting on Blackboard, it is harder to monitor who votes and who doesn’t. In an English classroom like the previous year, all students are given time to vote in order to ensure full participation.

“I don’t think we should do this again next year, it just doesn’t make sense. You get so many less voters so the results are skewed,” Long said.

In addition to the high school mischief that occurred with the on­line votes, the voter turnout this year is dramatically less than it had been in past years.

“Although it didn’t have as good of a turnout this year, the vote quality is much better,” junior Paige Lambert said.

As a member of the Student Coun­cil Association (SCA) Lambert was a part of the team of members that worked to get the Blackboard vot­ing going. The SCA set up a table at lunches with iPads available for stu­dents to put in their votes.

When nobody went up to the ta­ble, the SCA chose to bring the vot­ing to the students, passing around the iPads and asking students to vote. This strategy was to make sure very­one remembered to vote as it some­times slipped their minds.

“There wasn’t as much of a turn out because there wasn’t anybody enforcing it, but you did get people who actually wanted someone on the court.” Lambert said, “Instead of just selecting random names, they actually had to think about it and focus on who they wanted,”

So did the Blackboard voting have a positive impact on the nomi­n a t i o n s , m a k i n g it more about a person’s a c t u a l choice or did it narrow the v o t i n g range due to voter a p a t h y ? The SCA plans to continue to use Blackboard for voting next year be­cause it facilitates the accuracy of voter counts. Whether this will be beneficial or detrimental in the com­ing years is to be determined.


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