The Lost Lunch of Half Days

Claire Gormanlove

During all half-day lunches, breakfast items will be found on the menu due to the early start. Credit: Katrina Gauntt
During all half-day lunches, breakfast items will be found on the menu due to the early start. Credit: Katrina Gauntt

On early-release days, first lunch begins at 9:30. Students who have first lunch should consider just skip­ping breakfast at home and eating it here, during lunch. That being said, due to recent complaints the lunch la­dies will have breakfast food available to choose from.

Lunch time keeps getting ear­lier and earlier. As opposed to the 11:40a.m. to 1:55p.m. lunch blocks the school had in place last year dur­ing third block, lunches were moved this year to second block. This means students have been eating from 10:20a.m. to 12:20p.m. For many stu­dents, like seniors, well adjusted to the third block lunch schedule, the new lunch schedule seems way too early.

“Most of us just are not hungary at that time,” senior Harrison Elam said, “It would be easier for the seniors to wait until we got home.”

On early release, lunches do not change to compensate for the time changes in block but reamain during second block. This means that the lunch blocks starts at 9:30a.m. and goes to 11:25a.m.

“The main reason for the earlier lunches is for the students who travel back and forth between schools,” Dr. Gresham said, “The higher-ups gave us basic framework for the schedule and we adhered to it but tweaked it.”

The only problem is that students do not travel between all schools on early release days. The only reason why it is during second block is for continuity purposes.

For the sake of adjusting to this early lunch time, the lunch ladies have altered the menu to better fit the needs of students on early release days. Only for the month of Octo­ber, the early-release day lunches will have regular lunch items served. In all half days to follow, the lunches will offer more of a breakfast selec­tion, like sausages, biscuits and fruit, along with the normal lunch food as well, such as the usual pizza and burg­ers. Even though third and fourth lunch will be around the normal time to eat lunch, breakfast will still be served.

Another ques­tion that raises concerns is what about the students who have sports af­ter school. How are they going to deal with the changes to the lunch sched­ule?

“Boys vol­leyball has the same schedule on half days as regular days. We get out at 1:15p.m. on half days, and our practice starts at 4:00p.m., just like normal. Those who have licenses can leave and go out to get food, and then come back,” junior John Atwood said.

Many students with athletics or other after school activites, follow the same routine as Atwood, whether it is taking the bus home like sopomore Garrett Gauntt does and grabbing something to eat before heading back to school for practice, or as Atwood suggested going to grab some food from a local restuarant then return­ing to school for practices. The after school snack compensates for the lost lunch time.


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