Horrors of Richmond

Katrina Gauntt

The ghost and ghouls have made their way to the Richmond area and some students have taken the op­portunity to face their fears. As all throughout the month of Octo­ber haunts of all sorts have been scar­ing the wits out of these willing s t u ­dents. “I went because I like H a l ­l o w e e n t h i n g s and my f r i e n d s wanted to do something together, and it seemed like a fun way to get togeth­er,” sophomore Stephie Mayle said.

Multiple haunts opened in the month of scares. One of the more Popular attractions are coming to Richmond this halloween season. From horryfying thrilling mazes to pumpkin patches excursions Richmond is pefect for all things halloween.

Halloween Haunt, which offered ten mazes and six scare zones through­out the amusement park, has been very popular in the past years. Opening on September 27, over 450 monsters cov­ered the amusement park as the atmo­sphere changed swiftly as they fill ed the parkway with screams and shreiks. With 2 new mazes recently being add­ed to the already thrilling rides and at­tractions, the park was perfect for a fun and scary night.

In addition, Ashland Berry Farm opened its doors to fall activities and scares. At Ashland Berry Farm, par­ticipants get to experience the thrill of three different scare trails, the scariest being Booger Woods.

In the heart of Richmond, Spooky Hollow offered scary entertainment with its main attraction being Scream Forrest.

The scares made for frightening yet thrillingly horrifying nights of run­ning and screaming that were enjoyed by all. Start preparing now for next year’s scare fest.


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