Homecoming Comes with Dancing and Football

Madie Potts

Seniors Ethan Boroughs and Maura Long enjoy their first dance after winning Homecoming King and Queen at the 2013 Arabian Nights themed dance on October 12th. Credit: Lifetouch
Seniors Ethan Boroughs and Maura Long enjoy their first dance after winning Homecoming King and Queen at the 2013 Arabian Nights themed dance on October 12th. Credit: Lifetouch

The fall event everyone had been waiting for: homecoming. It began with a week centered on school spirit, followed by the traditional Friday pep rally at the end of the week to bolster excitement for fall sports. Typically, Friday night gathers all of Hanover’s clubs to join in the annual parade with homecoming court participants.

Friday night ended with the Ha­nover vs. Henrico football game, where homecoming court winners were announced, was seniors Ethan Boroughs and Maura Long were crowned Homecoming King and Queen. Saturday night was the the homecoming dance.

However, the predicted sequence of events changed due to inclem­ent weather. Although the game still went on, Friday night no longer in­cluded the annual homecoming pa­rade.

Senior McKenzie York said the whole experience had a different feel­ing this year because she could no longer participate in the parade as a member of the homecoming court.

“I am let down. I was excited to ride in the parade,” York said. “I also worked on the float for FFA and I am upset to see all our hard work go to waste.”

Yet this was also the last time for seniors to partake in homecoming events. These festivities created a new sense of reflection York said as her high school years come to a close.

“I’m not upset that it is my last time because I know I will look back and remember the amazing time I had,” York said. “I attended every home­coming game and dance throughout high school. I will always remember the love and positive energy that sur­rounded me.”

Homecoming is also one of the first annual high school experiences for freshmen. Freshman Lauren Han­cock said she was disappointed that the parade was cancelled, yet she was still eager to participate in the rest of the homecoming events.

“I had planned on joining the Span­ish Club during the parade,” Hancock said. “I have heard everyone enjoys the parade and I think it would have been fun to contribute. But I am still excited for the other parts of the ex­perience. This homecoming was one I was really looking forward to, par­ticularly because it was my first one.”

This year the spirt days went as followed: Monday was tacky day, Tuesday was superhero/villan day, Wednesday was pajama day, Thurs­day was hat day and Friday was spirit day. Throughout the school student took part in spirit week.

Looking down every hallway, it was apparent that there was a lot of spirit as many students dressed up.

“Pajama day was my favorite be­cause I didn’t have to dress for the school day,” senior Devin Ryan said.

Saturday was spent primping and preening for the festivities of Saturday night: the homecoming dance. The theme was Arabian Nights, which drew the attention of students. While many students were preparing for a night of pictures and dancing, other students spent their Saturdays not thinking about the dance.

“I’ve been the past three years and I just felt like there wasn’t a need to go this year,” Ryan said.

Homecoming comes and goes but it is an event that completes the high school experience. The excitement of homecoming builds throughout the week and finally erupts Friday and Saturday night.


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