Welcoming a New Tradition

Garrett Gauntt



Should a girl ask a guy

to home­coming? Recently, Twitter has been blowing up with high school girls retweeting and commenting on this question. In the past the tra­dition has been for male students to ask females to most high school dances (excl

uding Sadie Hawkins dances). This year could be different.

There is really no embarrassment in questioning another stu­dent about his plans for homecom­ing. It’s a common topic in high school, asking some­one about it will in no way ruin your friend­ship. Asking him to homecoming and being turned down would be detrimental to a friendship. That’s why it’s always smart to find out about this special per­son before asking them to a dance.

Don’t spontaneously ask him. Most guys who don’t have a date will go with anyone, so leave hints or nicely ask them if they would want to go. One of the most impor­tant things is to make sure that he’s not going with anyone already.

Who knows, this may act

There are reasons for a girl to ask a guy as well. Instead of sitting around waiting to be asked, girls are now taking the initiative and finding a date. This is one of the ways to ensure that they will have a fun night of laughter and dancing with a guy that they will enjoy being at the dance with.

ually make everything so much easier. Most guys that have asked girls to home­coming in the past or are planning to ask girls to homecom­ing know how ner­vous it makes a person feel to ask a girl to homecoming. Now, instead of thinking about a per­fect homecoming “proposals” to ask a girl and hoping they will say yes, they just have to wait for a girl to ask them. That would take away the anxiety and a prolonged dra­matic wait for some male students.

For any girls looking to ask a guy, just casually bring up in conversation. This is one alternative to dropping hints and hoping the guy picks them up. One thing to keep in mind is to make sure that you are not pestering every guy in your friend group to go to homecoming with you. Just ask him to homecoming, don’t do any­thing giant though. Doing something giant could surprise him to total embarrassment and/or scare him.

Sophomore Erin Watkins asked her boyfriend, junior El­liot Sledd, to homecom­ing by lining up 11 volley­balls that spelled “homecoming?”

“Most of the time a guy should ask a girl. I just did it to embarrass him,” Watkins said, “But guys should definitely ask girls.”

Think smart; homecoming is all about having a good time. If you can’t do that, there is really no point of going. Having a date does not dic­tate how great homecoming can be. Homecoming is just a fun, casual school dance. Times are changing, it might not be so bad for the girls to ask. Every situation is different so wheth­er or not you want to take part in this new tradition…that is up to you.


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